Agent 069 (Carter Cruise) has been selected
to work on an important assignment. She’s been instructed to infiltrate
Aniston enterprises, which have been suspected of working with North
Korea. Her mission: to enter the premises, sedate the receptionist
(Maddy O’Reilly), and use a new technology to extract her DNA and
temporally assume her identity. Having 60 minutes before she shapeshifts
back to her former self, Carter needs to extract the files before her
time is up. After sedating Maddy, she wastes no time storming the office
and looking for the file. When the CEO, Nicole Aniston, comes back from
her workout, she surprised to find her employee – Maddy, who is really
Carter – rummaging through her office. When Carter makes up an excuse
about a canceled afternoon appointment, Nicole reminds her that her back
is sore and she wants her massage. Knowing that she needs to play this
right, Carter does what she’s told as she bides her time trying to
figure out how to get out of here. When Nicole complains about upper
body soreness, Carter isn’t sure what she’s getting at… but when
Nicole grabs Carter’s hands and puts them on her tits, Carter gets the
message loud and clear. Carter realizes pretty quickly that she needs to
get this over with but can’t be too obvious as to not blow her cover.
She complies with all of her boss’ demands and gets it on with her.
When they finally finish she’s got about 3 minutes to go. When Nicole
comes out of the office with the briefcase, Carter asks if she needs to
volunteers to take it off her hands. Nicole declines but Carter insists,
stating that she wants to help her. She pulls it out of Nicole’s hands
just before her times runs out but Nicole knows something is amiss. Will
Carter get out of this mess? Will she escape without being found out?
Can she extract the briefcase containing the secret file without blowing
her cover? Find out in part 2!