When Eliza Jane finds some of her missing
clothes in her stepsister’s room, she’s furious. Her stepsister, Kenna
James, is always taking her stuff and she can’t take it anymore. When
Kenna walks into her room moments later, she asks Eliza what she’s doing
there. Eliza asks her why her shirts are in her room. Kenna denies
everything, telling her she’s crazy but Eliza has had it up to here with
her stepsister antics. They’re her clothes and she wants them to stay
in her room. Kenna doesn’t really care and wants Eliza to leave her
alone. Eliza isn’t going anywhere until her sister learns her lesson.
She climbs on top of her and starts lecturing her on the value of
sharing. Kenna has no idea what’s going on but has a hard time
overpowering her sister. Eliza reminds her that if she wants to share
her clothes with her then she’ll have to share everything. She starts
kissing her and shoves her tongue down her throat. Eliza remarks how
she’d like to borrow the shirt Kenna is wearing and rips it off her. If
her sister doesn’t understand boundaries than perhaps they shouldn’t
have any at all. Eliza starts licking her sister’s nipples. Once she
removes her pants, it’s only a matter of seconds before her face is deep
in Kenna’s pussy. Kenna tries to stop Eliza but it’s no use. Despite it
being so wrong, it feels oh so right. It looks like the sisters will be
sharing a little more than just their clothes the next time around.