When Gina Valentina has to raise money for
college she figures the best way to do that is with a summer job. When
she calls her step-sister down to the living room she unveils her plan:
massaging clients right out of their living room. Kenzie Reeves is
confused. Is Gina gonna have strangers come over to the house? Gina says
it’s no big deal and asks her sister to be her first client. After all,
she’s gonna need to practice to get good at massaging. But Kenzie
doesn’t want a massage from her sister. Gina reminds her that they’re
actually step-sisters and that’s it’s not really that big of a deal. She
reluctantly agrees and decides to help her. When Gina asks her to take
her clothes off, she tries to call off the massage but Gina promises she
won’t look. She takes off her clothes while Gina gets a peek at her
sister’s tight body. She can’t help but like what she sees. Despite
feeling a little weird, Kenzie lies down on the table. When she starts
to massage her back, Kenzie settles in a bit remarking that it actually
feels really nice but when Gina starts massaging her side boobs, she
gets a little apprehensive. She tells her sister that perhaps she should
stick to massaging her back. Gina complies and notices how tense her
legs are and starts working on them. When she gets a little too close
for comfort Gina reminds her that this is a full body massage and she
should seriously relax and enjoy it. When she starts massaging her
pussy, Kenzie gives in to it as she enjoys her sister’s hands all over
her it. She gets worried about people finding out what they’re doing but
Gina assures her it’ll be their little secret.